Welcome to the World of Pass the Cookies!

Hello! My name is Courtney and I'm proud to be your baker and stationery designer at Pass the CookiesFor as long as I can remember, I have loved baking! I was also passionate about arts, crafts and photography, so the day that I realized all of my passions could be combined into one, was the day that I started living my dream!

My background in baking began with me baking for my family, as it goes for most. Cookies were always my favourite treat to bake, and still are (hence my career choice)... As for my baking career, I began as a professional baker and quickly became a certified cake decorator.  After a couple years of learning and practicing the ins-and-outs of cake decorating, I explored other areas of baking and took various courses. My heart was really captured when I discovered royal icing and what amazing things can be done with sugar cookies. My artistic expression through the medium of cookies practically made itself into a business, and here we are today!
For those of you who don't know me personally, my family name is Pass. My father was an entrepreneur himself back in the 1980s, starting up his own business called Pass the Ice Cream. When I was starting my business, I wanted a company name that had a strong meaning; a name that would stick with me throughout my career. With my father's blessing, I adapted his clever phrase into what you know as Pass the Cookies.
I have had an artistic background for much of my life. Perhaps to your surprise, I went to fashion school which largely focused on graphic design and illustration. I have recently returned to these roots and launched my greeting card and stationery collection.
Why stationery? For one, it pairs perfectly with the cookie favours, as most orders are for special occasions and celebrations. I'm that person who always writes a card alongside a gift. But more deeply to my heart (as you know I'm a family person), my Grandma and I used to write each other back and forth pen-pal style, just to say hello now and again. She also never missed sending a single birthday or Christmas card. I always kept a stack of writing cards on hand for the next time we would write one another. Since she passed, however, I don't receive much mail of this sort anymore, but I truly believe that a physical card is so much more meaningful than any text or email. So I dedicate this stationery venture in her memory as I do my best to carry on the family name and my love for cookies.
Thank you for visiting! I look forward to working with you for all of your cookie and card needs!